Apr 092012

Resources are the basic building blocks of a DM Toolkit campaign, and as such, are probably the first thing you’ll want to create.

0. Understanding Resources and Templates


A resource may be a character, a trap, a spell, an organization, or anything else that is a proper noun. Prince Jans, Twilight Castle, and The Bloodthirsty Sword of Sheer Evil are all examples of resources.


Every resource is based on a pattern called a template. A template is a common noun, describing a class of things. Specialist NPC, Location, and Magic Sword are all templates.

To understand the relationship between templates and resources better, take the example of the Bloodthirsty Sword of Sheer Evil. The sword has magical properties and stats that make it unique, like a boost to attack power or a curse that makes the owner fly into a bloody rage. The template the sword is derived from is a blank slate–it knows the sword has attack power and some property, but those are just blanks to be filled in. The template is the ‘character sheet’ for the resource, as it were. Continue reading »