Aug 292014


MercsCoverCardFaceThe Price of Victory is now here for Pre-Order!

The second in the series of Pixel Tactics Minipaks is now available for pre-order and print-and-play. Like Seven Sisters, the Pre-Order of this minipak comes with a print and play edition of the game.

The Price of Victory is an 8-card mini-expansion for Pixel Tactics that will give you new options for deckbuilding and casual play. The Price of Victory contains Gerard’s eight Mercenaries featured in BattleCON: Devastation, complete with powerful leadership and hero effects.

The Price of Victory will ship out in October, about a month after the upcoming Seven Sisters Minipak.

Jan 092014
PixelTactics copy

We began selling Pixel Tactics 1 and 2 directly to distributors on Tuesday. About an hour after the start of business, I was informed by our distribution agency that Pixel Tactics 1 and Pixel Tactics 2 have both sold completely out at the top level–all available copies are now circulating in the distribution chain and will be trickling down to local and online stores in the next week or so.

We are currently ordering a reprint of both games, but if you are a local store or you want your local store to stock copies of these games, make sure to reserve them ASAP to guarantee stock.

Disc Duelers and Seven Card Slugfest also entered distribution on Tuesday. BattleCON: Devastation and BattleCON: Strikers will be entering circulation next week.

Oct 302013


Many of you may be familiar with the Extra Life Gaming Marathon that is taking place this weekend. Extra Life is a way for gamers to get together, build community, and support local children’s hospitals by playing games for 24 hours straight.

What you may not realize is that Board Games are just as much a part of Extra Life as video games, and many local game stores will be hosting 24-hour gaming marathons this year. Whether you’re playing your favorite Eurogames, Wargames, or Collectible Card Games, you can become a part of Extra Life and improve the lives of children in your local community.

Every year, Level 99 Games donates to Extra Life by sponsoring our local team, Imagine Action, as well as by sending out prizes and gifts to gaming circles all across America that are doing their part to help out.

Please take a minute to visit Extra Life and get involved in the effort, either locally or through us. Even if you won’t be able to make it out to the marathon, take a moment to make a pledge to a local team, or even to our team.

Thanks again, and Happy Gaming at the marathon this weekend!

- Brad