Empyreal: Spells and Steam

PlayersTime Complexity Ages
1-630m / playerModerate10+

Become a railway magnate in a beautifully rendered fantasy world!

Use mystical trains to cross a diverse landscape and gather exotic goods. Each contract you fulfill builds up your company, introducing new abilities and redefining how you play. Build the ultimate railway company and conquer the frontier—with magic!

Empyreal: Spells & Steam plays 2–6 Players and is quick to set-up and play, and easy to store. At just 20 minutes per player, the game can be described as an "express" train game, but the huge variety of options and powers mean that each game will reveal new strategies, in classic Level 99 style. It's also surprisingly confrontational and cutthroat, as the genre goes.

Only the savviest and most creative industrialist will be able to lead the world of Indines into the modern era!

Players  Ages Play Time Learning Curve
2-6 12+ 20 min per Player

  • 🚂 Choose one of 6 companies and 8 captains to lead your empire!
  • 🚂 Build your own engine with over 60 cars to traverse the landscape!
  • 🚂 Hire over 40 Specialists to assist your operations!
  • 🚂 Plan deliveries to snipe goods from your rivals!
  • 🚂 A premium game with top-notch components!
  • 🚂 Deep Gateway Game—Designed for new players and veterans alike!

    What's In The Box

    • 6 Company Folios
    • 6 Terrain Boards
    • 210 Train Car Minis (35 each in 6 different colors)
    • 8 Captain Placards
    • 67 Spellcar Tiles
    • 51 Specialist Tiles
    • 20 Wasteland Tiles
    • 210 Goods Tokens (35 each in 6 different colors)
    • 30 Demand Tiles (5 each in 6 different colors)
    • 10 Award Tiles
    • 12 City Stands
    • 6 Conductor Pawns (1 each in 6 different colors)
    • 60 Mana Crystals
    • 1 Start Player Token

    Critical Acclaim for Empyreal

    “10/10. This game is phenomenal! Perfect mid-weight euro with gorgeous art, theme and components.” - A Fan on BGG

    🚂 🚂 🚂

    “Such a great game, with amazing production quality in every piece. It plays really smoothly and there's a lot of options turn to turn so there's a ton of strategies available and each player can have their own different path but the game can still end up super close every time.” - A Fan on BGG

    🚂 🚂 🚂

    "If you ever found yourself sitting around Ticket to Ride wishing you could blow up opponents' trains getting in your way, Empyreal may be for you!" - Cardboard Republic

    🚂 🚂 🚂

    "From a set of players new to the euro-style, Empyreal introduced the genre in an exciting way that's not overly daunting within a beautiful theme." - Critcamp

    🚂 🚂 🚂

    "Empyreal is a train game that feels unlike any other train game... very clever." - Roll for Crit

    🚂 🚂 🚂

    "Empyreal puts a whole modern twist on the train genre... and it's magical!" - Cardboard Stacker