Come and join Level 99 Games at BoardGameGeek Con in our Duelist Lounge from 6-10pm in room 1112 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights! Take a break from the clamor and bustle of the open gaming halls to enjoy some refreshments and quiet atmosphere for 2-player games.

Duelist Lounge is a space reserved for head-to-head games, sponsored by Level 99 Games. We'll be providing drinks, snacks, and a variety of 1-on-1 games from our Duelist Line series, including BattleCON, EXCEED, Sellswords, Pixel Tactics (including the currently-on-kickstarter Mega Man Pixel Tactics) and more! Feel free to bring your own favorite 2-player games from the BGG Library as well!

Attendees to BGG will find a copy of Level 99 Games's recent release, Dragon Punch, in their registration bags. This is a quick and light-hearted secret-selection combat micro-game with variable player powers. Dragon Punch plays anywhere in only minutes, so you can battle with friends while in line, while waiting on other gamers to show up to your table, or between raffle ticket calls during the Saturday Night festivities.

We look forward to seeing you at BGG Con next week!

- The Level 99 Games Team

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EXCEED: Red Horizon - Box #4 is now available in our online store, and in stores everywhere!

  • Satoshi - Satoshi is a quick technical fighter that gets stat boosts if he has more cards in hand than his opponent.
  • Mei Lien - Mei Lien is a recursion specialist that gets benefits if she is playing an attack that is already in her discard pile or gauge.
  • Baelkhor - Baelkhor is a defensive, controlling, fighter. He can spend life when he is hit to stop his opponent from getting gauge.
  • Morathi - Morathi works well with limited options, as he can manipulate his Wild Swing to get an advantageous result.

To celebrate the release of the final box of our first season of EXCEED, we're returned the Season 1 Bundle to our Online Store! Don't forget to check out our three guest characters: Devris, Juno, and Super Skull Man!



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We have some exciting news for you today! We're very happy to announce the start of Organized League Play for BattleCON and EXCEED, our fighting tabletop games!

We are still in the process of working on Event Organizer Software, but prospective organizers can download the pre-season event kits and start hosting events now! Just keep your paper match records on hand until we get the event organizer ready, in about 1-2 more weeks. All the instructions posters, invitation cards, and more that you'll need are inside the download file.

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Greetings friends!

We're happy to announce this week that Level 99 Games has partnered with CGC Games, the creators of Terrene Odyssey, to handle the publication of their latest game, Random Encounter. Random Encounter is a combat-focused drafting game set in the world of Terrene Odyssey, and features a streamlined version of the Terrene Odyssey combat system on top of drafting mechanics for team building and equipping your party.

In the game, you will select your battle terrain, leader, units, and equipment, trying to build around and counter-play your opponent at every turn. The game plays 2-4 players, and takes only about 30 minutes. If you're looking for a high-action turn-based combat experience, look no further!

CGC will be bringing Terrene Odyssey to Kickstarter later this year. We'll let you know when it happens via our newsletter! We're excited to be working together with the creative game and graphic designers at CGC, who have partnered with us in the past to create some Millennium Blades Promos. Random Encounter takes all the best of Terrene Odyssey and adds some great new twists in the form of the drafting system and faster paced combat. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have!

- Brad

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EXCEED: Red Horizon - Box #3 is now available in our online store, and in stores everywhere!

This box features 4 brand new fighters: Gabrek, Ulrik, Alice, and Zoey

  • Gabrek - a close-ranger brawler that draws cards if a strike is declared while he is adjacent to an opponent.

  • Ulrik - a variable range fighter who can manipulate his range right before a strike.

  • Alice - a ranger that becomes more powerful if her opponent is at her maximum range.

  • Zoey - a tricky specialist that can recur attacks she hits with, without losing out on building up her gauge

Check out these 4 new fighters, and the complete line of EXCEED Products at the Level 99 Store!

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