Mar 272014

Greetings everyone!

Last week I was away for the GAMA (Game Manufacturer’s Association) Trade Show. I got to do a lot of talking about Argent, and the whole experience was excellent.

Preparation has been ongoing while I was out, and Nokomento is finishing up the last few backer-created characters next week. With those out of the way, we’ll be sending the game off to press.

There’s been some haggling with our printer about the cost of miniatures. Things have turned out a little more expensive than we anticipated when pricing the game, but I think this is mainly due to a miscommunication about materials and piece sizes with the factory. I’m going to send our prototype miniatures, as well as a few examples of our target quality, material, and size to the manufacturer, just to make sure we are on the same page about all things.

Not much news to report outside of that, however.

Art Previews

In this artwall, you can see a couple of our backer-created characters, as well as some department of Technomancy students and a few items for Summer Break (Planar Ice Cream and the Chancellor’s Yacht Keys). We’re getting very close to having the game completely finished on an art front :)

Character Profile

“The virtue of Planar Studies is to look squarely into the face of madness and to say ‘I will own you’.” - Lavanina, Dean of Planar Studies

A whimsical alien from the plane of Chaos, Lavaninaelocadamettarcial has served as Argent’s Dean of Planar Studies for six years now, and will continue to do so ‘for as long as the stars are right’. Much of her background and motives are shrouded in mystery. However, since her race are beings born of and driven by chaos, there is just as likely to be no reason at all for her appearance at Argent. If she does have motives for her actions, they certainly revolve on a different logic than human reasoning.

Lavanina’s human-like appearance is a guise imposed by the ‘gravity’ of the world she inhabits. Chaons all appear human-like in the world of Indines (they naturally adopt whatever form is common in their current world), but there are always small hiccups in the process. In Lavanina’s case, her right arm still manifests as a bundle of chthonian tentacles, which she will freely admit are quite handy for preparing certain kinds of planar spells.

Mar 172014

Level 99 Games at GAMA Trade Show

Starting Monday the 17th, I’m going to be at GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas. If you are a retailer or distributor and you’d like to meet up in person and chat about promotions and future ideas, let me know. My email is, and I’d be glad to hear from you!

Graphic Design

This week, I’ve decided to revise the look of the spells in the game, widening them just a bit so they are the same size as cards in the game DIXIT. This is a standard size, so everyone should be able to sleeve their spell cards without any trouble. The main reason for this is so that we can raise the font sizes on the spell cards.

Nokomento Art Wall

Noko has been drawing up a storm this week. Here’s a look at all the stuff that she’s drawn this week! We’re close to getting back on track, but things are still a little bit behind. Make sure you’re watching our Tumblr so that you can know whenever we start a live drawing session!

Voting on the Foil Wrap

I’m going to leave the Foil Wrap Voting open for another 9 days, since I’ll be away at GAMA and can’t do anything with the results at this point anyway XD

If you haven’t voted yet, here’s the link to go and do it!

Relic Hunters

We’re working on a new Expandable Card Game (one where fixed boosters come out regularly each month) called Relic Hunters. This game takes place in the World of Indines, and allows you to explore the expanded universe by taking control of different factions. The gameplay is quite a bit different from other CCGs and LCGs, so give it a look!

The game itself is still rough, but you can try it out over the weekend when you join our playtesting program:

Next time on Kickstarter!

I’ve decided that for our next project, we’re going to bring an encore to Kickstarter in the form of the Revised Edition of BattleCON: War. For the past 6 months, we’ve been trying to reprint the game, and the spare cash just doesn’t seem to come up, despite that all the art and graphic design is completely done. So, we’ll be throwing BattleCON: War back onto Kickstarter and giving you a first chance to get a hold of the revised edition—plus a few cool extras!

The new edition of War will be the first chance many of you are getting to try out the original BattleCON characters. For those who aren’t new to the game, the new Kickstarter will have some cool extras for you as well, such as a few mini-expansions, and an Extended Edition for War much like we had for Devastation, featuring new costumes and bonuses.

Character Introduction

There’s been plenty of discussion on this guy… time to give you the full scoop. Maybe.

No one is quite sure when Xal Ezra joined the department of Planar Studies, or what his credentials are. Despite the lack of anyone’s recollection, he seems to have an impressive record of achievements recording a long span of work at Argent. Even though his colleagues swear they have never co-authored a scientific paper with him, their signatures and the university seal all match up, and so the Department of Planar Studies was forced to admit grudgingly that he must have been there all along.

Is Ezra a planar anomaly? Is he some outsider who got tired of not existing? Is he a visitor from a parallel but similar dimension? Was his past erased in some kind of accident? Or is he just an extremely forgettable old faculty member? We may never know. Despite (or perhaps because of) whatever mystery surrounds him, he is an exceptionally capable Planar Scientist. One can only wonder what fate Argent would have in store under his leadership.

Mar 122014
DevastationOfIndines copy

 Greetings everyone!

In step with my goal of getting back to weekly updates, here’s a look at what we’re doing for BattleCON right now!

Online Player

Programming has begun for the BattleCON: Online player! Here’s what it looks like right now.

I know, it still doesn’t look like much, but it’s coming along. Most of the groundwork for the game’s online features has been done in our online adaption of NOIR (which you can play here: ), and so the development of BattleCON should progress pretty quickly as a result of that.

The engine for playing the game itself was pioneered by Yaron Racah (this was the same engine used to ai-balance the characters). You can play against it yourself by downloading it here, if you’re curious:

My hope is that we can have alpha functionality by the end of March, and get a beta ready in April.

Reprint of War

The reprint of BattleCON: War is something that we’ve been talking about for a long time, and we’re getting very close to being ready for it. All that remains is to put together a box cover and send those files to the printer. However, this probably won’t happen for another month or so, just because we’re still finishing up Argent at the moment.

Preparations for Wanderers

I’ve been putting off the submissions process for Wanderers for long enough, and since Argent is just about done, I think it’s time to finally make it happen. I’ll be working on a web submission form and all the details of how to make your entry in the next few weeks, so look forward to an announcement about that, and start testing your submissions now!