Sep 152011

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So a few weeks ago, I received an unmarked email of questionable origin. Within the email was a simple message inviting me to a secret, underground tournament in a shady corner of the internet.  Naturally, I accepted and jumped onboard posthaste.

What kind of tournament was it? A tournament for iPhone and iPad gaming apps!

My first match is against a retro shooter called Tunnel Runner. You can check out the matchup here:

I encourage you to play both games, then vote for mine so I can move on to the next round ^_^

So that there’s no pricing bias, I’m reducing the price of Chibi Fighters to 99 cents until the end of this weekend (the same price as TunnelRunner). That’s an 80% discount on the app’s regular price!

Please only vote once, (as vote fraud will disqualify our matchup). Also, if you’re feeling really generous, you can leave us an app store review!

Thanks again for checking it out, and please share the news with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

Also, don’t forget that this weekend is your last chance to pre-order the Mystic Empyrean Corebook in Hardcover! The hardcover comes with a PDF version as well, and if you get one of the limited-availability $50 rewards, you can put your own creation in the corebook AND get a set of custom-printed Balance Cards!

Jul 212011

Hey Everyone! It’s time for another sale from Level 99 Games, and this is probably our biggest one to-date! Not only can you get our critically acclaimed DM Toolkit at a huge discount, but the full game of Chibi Fighters is 80% off! Additionally, NOIR: Killer vs. Inspector is now available on the iPhone, so you can solve on the go with friends and family!

DM Toolkit is 38.5% off this weekend!

This weekend, you can get DM Toolkit at almost 40% off the normal price tag of $13. After over a year of being on the market, DM Toolkit is consistently one of the most popular Game Mastering apps for both iPhone and iPad. For just $8 this weekend, organize and run your entire campaign directly from your iPhone or iPad, and download and import other players’ campaigns and creations to use in your own games. With DM Toolkit, you can even utilize powerful content generators to create treasures, NPCs, Monsters, and more on-the-fly as you play your games! Get it here before the sale ends, or check here for the full feature list and some videos!

Super Psychic Chibi Fighters 3 is 80% off this weekend!

Super Psychic Chibi Fighters 3 is 80% off this weekend, now only 99 cents until Sunday! You can download the game directly from the app store, or you can check out the lite version and use in-app purchasing to get the full game for 99 cents. Either way, you’ll have the complete game for under a dollar!

For those who don’t know about it, Chibi Fighters is a head to head top-down shooter, where two players do battle using a vast array of special attacks and powers on a single iPad. Packed with frantic action, five minigames, and six compelete story modes, it’s an absolute steal at just a dollar. For more information and gameplay movies, check out the SPCF3 website.

NOIR: Killer vs. Inspector is now just 99 cents!

Ok, ok, this isn’t really a sale. The game is always 99 cents. We wanted to put our latest game, NOIR: Killer vs. Inspector on sale for you, but because it’s already just 99 cents, there’s not much we can do. However, let it be known that the app is now available on the iPhone and iPod touch as well as the iPad, so there’s no reason to delay picking up one of the most exciting competitive deduction games of 2011!