Jun 142012

We’ve just posted the rules for Pixel Tactics! Download them here.

The Kickstarter Project for our Minigame Library is nearing 30% funding. This is the tipping point for a lot of projects, and we’re going to need everyone’s help to break through and make this thing happen. You can make the difference by telling your friends on facebook, twitter, reddit, digg, youtube, google plus… well, there’s a pretty exhaustive list these days :)

Please try NOIR and write a review! I’m also open to sending out P&P copies of Pixel Tactics, Grimoire Shuffle, and Infinity Dungeon to those who want to try them and talk about them. Just let me know!

Thanks again to everyone who has backed us so far! I’ll be putting up rules for Infinity Dungeon and Grimoire Shuffle as soon as possible, so please keep looking out for those.

Also, in case you missed them from earlier, the rules for NOIR are now downloadable here!

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