Jul 242012

Hey everyone! This is just a quick update on what’s happening these days at Level 99 Games!

The Minigames Library was a resounding success on Kickstarter. So much so that we were able to include 2 extra tuckbox games (Blades of Legend and Master Plan) as well as , In case you missed it, the Minigames Library is still available for pre-order. If you pre-order before December, you’ll still get the Microgames and promo cards included with the package.


BattleCON on iOS is currently being updated. We have some exciting new features, including 3 new characters, arcade mode, and EX / Almighty (“boss”) modes for local duels. Look forward to the updates–hopefu

Speaking of BattleCON…

Devastation of Indines is coming along nicely! We’re planning on starting pre-orders for Devastation as soon as the Minigames Library is out the door, so look forward to that later this year. To whet your appetite for new characters, you can click the chibi illustration above to get a full-sized desktop and tablet wallpaper. Enjoy!

New characters are being spoiled on Facebook as we get more Facebook likes for BattleCON. Why not check the page and accelerate the process? :)

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