Download the Rulebook for NOIR

NOIR is a deductive mystery card game that is primarily for two players, but can be played by  up to 4. It features four different games that accommodate different player counts and play styles:

  • Killer vs. Inspector – The classic game of cat and mouse–but which is which? Will the Inspector manage to capture the killer before it’s too late, or will he end up on the ever-growing list of victims?
  • Master Thief vs. Chief Inspector – A longer and more dangerous game than the original. Can the thief and his associates rob everyone in town before the police discover them?
  • Hitman – A shorter and more cutthroat game than the original. The hitman is given a list of targets, which the inspector must do his utmost to protect before they are all eliminated.
  • Spy Tag – A multiplayer game that suits up to 4 players. All players attempt to tag the others while keeping their own identities secret, and the first to score 3 tags is declared the winner!

The iOS version of Killer vs. Inspector can be downloaded here on the iPad and iPhone!

Critical Acclaim for NOIR

“Really gripped me… this was a very entertaining one.” - Tom Vasel, the Dice Tower

“The feel of it is excellent… really fun.”Ryan Metzler, the Dice Tower

“Good intellectual entertainment.” - Jesse Hickle, Boards and Bees

“ those who enjoy deduction and logic puzzles will get a lot out of this particular card game. “Dad’s Gaming Addiction

“It’s simply a smart, meaty, quick deduction game that leaves both players feeling alternately Hannibal-brilliant and Clouseau-stupid.” - Dan Thurot, Space Biff