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Here's an update on EXCEED from Brad, who's traveling across Europe and getting ready for Internationale Spieltage in Essen, Germany. I decided to make this a front page update, because there's a lot of cool info about EXCEED here! - JR

Hey Everyone! 

I’m writing my latest update for EXCEED from Europe, since I didn’t leave Josh quite enough material to cover a full three weeks. In a few more days, I’ll be in Essen Germany, for the International Spiel Fair, and then at last, home again and back to all of you to do some more work on EXCEED. 

No fighting game is complete without a grappler, right? Gabrek is a massive heavyweight fighter who can tear apart any foes foolish enough to come close to him. He’s slow and extremely dangerous, with a bunch of cards and a character ability that make him extremely threatening at range 1.

Gabrek is a specialist at close range fighting, with a ton of extremely punishing and hard-to-beat range 1 moves. He has a lot of tools for getting into range 1, but these still leave openings for his opponent to respond in time to get out of his way, though it’s often expensive to do so. Thus, Gabrek fights with a combination of intimidation and control, picking carefully when to strike and when to look for a better position.

Gabrek’s main strategies revolve around getting to range 1, as well as using range 1 as a way to threaten opponents into suboptimal moves. Especially with some gauge, Gabrek is so dangerous that opponents often have no choice but to step back, making your range 2 and 3 moves especially useful. Gabrek also has a boost called Reach that allows him to extend the range of his most threatening moves out by one space, giving him a surprise for opponents who don’t spend enough resources to get out of his way.

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We continue our look at the EXCEED fighters with Heidi! 

Heidi was a bit of a wildcard, since her UFS release is still set in the future. Even UFS players haven’t seen her yet, and so we got to be a bit creative with her play style. In general, she’s a foundation-focused fighter, which means more build-up and control. 

Heidi is a tempo character who acts as a foil to Reese’s style. She works by playing lots of boost effects, and using her attacks to “install” a boost for next beat, giving her a potential for build-up play or rush-down tactics.


Heidi offers a high degree of sustainability. While she isn’t as competent at aggressive rushdown as Reese, she can pressure opponents without degrading her hand and leaving herself open to serious punishment. Often Heidi will need to set up a boost in order to make her attack viable for her next turn. This one-two punch gives her an interesting bluff-and-counter dynamic, as opponents will be trying to predict your attack based on the boosts you’ve put into play and zone out of your range. Knowing when to switch between your more control-oriented style and convert to a full-on assault is the key skill to using Heidi.

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Hey everyone!

We've been having a great time in England so far! We celebrated Lynda's birthday yesterday with a trip to Avebury Henge, Stonehenge, and Stourhead Gardens. 

We rented a car and have been driving from place to place. The roads around here are very narrow, but the speed limits are similar to the USA, which makes driving pretty thrilling. I think Lynda was about to have a heart attack during a few of these roundabouts (which replace our 3-way and 4-way stops in the USA).

I've taken some of the time on the plane to do a little bit of writing on that World of Indines tabletop RPG that everyone's been telling me to do for years. I have a few really cool ideas, and I can't wait to show them to you all when I get back. 

I hope that all is well and that Chris, Josh, Sam, JR, Chad, and Michael are taking care of you all. See you again soon, and happy gaming!

- Brad

We continue our introduction to the fighters in EXCEED with Kaden!

Kaden is a brute-force fighter with lots of life and great strength. In UFS, he fights by adding new abilities to otherwise blank cards. In Exceed, we brought out this idea by giving him ways to enhance his normals via EX attacks

An EX attack is formed when you use two copies of the same card. This is normally a power-play that costs a lot of tempo, but makes an attack exceptionally viable and effective. Kaden doesn’t have to sacrifice his tempo when he uses an EX attack though, since his character ability replaces the extra card.

Kaden is a very filter-oriented character, which means he will spend a lot of time dumping cards out of his hand to replace them, as well as recycling cards out of his discard pile to form the EX attack pairs he needs. When he can make EX attacks, especially after upgrading to Exceed Mode, any attack in his kit becomes totally devastating. However, unless he does a lot of serious card drawing, most of his EX attacks are telegraphed (by returning cards from the discard) and can be zoned effectively with basic movement. Choosing which attacks to hold and which to try and force the opponent into right now are important skills for playing Kaden correctly.

Bring Kaden to your tabletop by backing EXCEED, currently on Kickstarter!

We continue Brad's descriptions of the EXCEED fighters with Vincent! 

Vincent is one of my favorite characters in UFS, the President of a dystopian future USA. He uses psychic powers of prediction and a defensive powersuit to block enemies and destroy them with counterattacks.

In Exceed, Vincent is a fully-committed defensive fighter. He prefers to fight passively, and his abilities reward him for letting his opponents attack first. Vincent’s kit gives him a lot of ways to draw and discard cards, so that his pool of counterattacks is always well-suited to the opponent he finds himself fighting.

Vincent is extremely tough to take down, and his game plan usually revolves around building up Gauge quickly with a few early pokes and counters so that he can use his Exceed mode to extend his survivability even further. Once he has access to armor, he can go on the offensive without worrying about speed, as any trades will be skewed starkly in his favor. Not without a few surprises, Vincent’s kit has some quick attacks that let him out-speed opponents who take his defensive play style for granted.

Bring Vincent to your tabletop by backing EXCEED, currently on Kickstarter!

The second in our series of introductions: Alice! 

Alice is a control fighter who utilizes a few key attacks to make big attacks that her opponents can’t deal with. In EXCEED, we’ve built her as a control/threat fighter who possesses superior attacks with exceptionally precise range.

Alice has an exceptional set of special moves which outclass those of most other fighters. However, those moves are only usable at range 2 or range 3, and will miss the opponents if Alice can’t set up these specific ranges. With a lot of cheap movement and two ways to force her opponent into suboptimal attacks through her boosts, Alice can run her opponents down until they’re no longer able to avoid her best attacks, or punish them ruthlessly if they don’t take proper caution engaging her.

Alice’s strategy is to land a few powerful single strikes, then close the game by landing a hit with Surprise Punishment or Cross Blades, her two exceptionally high-damage Ultra Attacks. Combined with her character ability, Cross Blades can execute an enemy with as much as 15 life, forcing opponents to start playing around every move you make after the first few hits of a fight. Since Alice’s ability forces her opponent to try and engage her at range 1, holding onto cards that help her control this range as well is critical, as she’s far less effective there than fighters like Gabrek. In close range, Alice’s boosts can help her to make positive exchanges when played smartly, and many of her attacks will help her set up a deadly follow-up, if opponents attack first and give her the opportunity to take initiative.

Bring Alice to your tabletop by backing EXCEED, currently on Kickstarter!

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