Infinity Dungeon


Infinity Dungeon is a game of bizarre characters, ridiculous dungeons, and unmatched storytelling fun. This lightweight storytelling game can be played by roleplayers and non-roleplayers alike, and is a great way to introduce friends and family to the world of storytelling games. In Infinity Dungeon, each player is given a character class, such as cowboy, space ranger, rock superstar, or evil overlord. Together, this ragtag bunch must descend into the depths of Infinity Dungeon and conquer the insane deathtraps within, often by using unconventional planning and whatever random tools they can scrape together along the way.

Critical Acclaim for Infinity Dungeon

“This game is role-playing stripped right down to the bare basics, with a fun-first attitude, and players encouraged to just let their imagination run wild… Seriously. I love, love, love this. Buy this set just to get your hands on it.”Cardboard Children, Rock Paper Shotgun

“An opportunity, if only for half an hour, to saw off the crowns of your friends’ skulls, climb into their brains, and wriggle around… It’s some kind of Sorcery.”Dan thurot, Space Biff

“The most fun you can have with a set of stilts, a chainsaw, a rhino, a refrigerator, a utility belt and Abraham Lincoln” - Jayson Stevens, Board Game Geek

“This game can produce some very memorable moments… very fun to play.” - Jesse Hickle, Boards and Bees