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Greetings everyone! It's been a long week here at Level 99 Games, with coordinating the shipping for EXCEED and finishing up coordinating Millennium Blades. A few reviewers have already gotten copies of EXCEED, so look out for their reviews soon!

If you want to guarantee your copy of our newest upcoming fighting card game, you can find it in our online store. Don't wait! We didn't print a ton of these in our first run, since it's a new product line. Pre-order all the games at once, and you'll get them for 20% off!

Next week, we'll be showing off new art and some card previews from the upcoming Duelist Library. Look out for it! :D

Until then, have a great weekend! o/

If you're looking for the new BattleCUBE figure, you can find Clive at this link!

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It's been a wild week so far over here at Level 99 Games! Millennium Blades is out in the world and going strong! If you did get your copy, and you still don't have Promo Pack #1, it'll be available for a while longer from our store. However, supplies are going pretty quick, so make sure to grab one while you can!

In other news, we've announced the final part of the Duelist Library for our upcoming project! If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to check out the complete set of games we have coming up for you! :)

"A little money, a little excitement, and to think I'm doing a little good--those are the only payments I need."

“When I sight the target, everything seems to slow down around me. There’s only the gun, the target, and the choice. There’s no world, no time, nothing else… just the trigger and the choice.”

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Here we are, the final of the five games for Duelist Library!

Sellswords Olympus is a standalone sequel to the hit tile placement game, which can be played alone or mixed in with the original!


The gods of Olympus have gone to war! Who will heed the call? Skilled warriors from all across the land rally to fight, met on the opposite side by magical beasts and monsters from myth. Lead your heroes to victory and become the champion of Olympus!

Sellswords Olympus is a fast-paced strategy game of drafting soldiers and deploying them to the field of battle. It takes only a few minutes to learn, but with fifty different heroes and monsters, each with their own unique ability to use and master, the possibilities for forming your army are limitless! Capture enemy units to turn them to your side in the battle. It’s not enough to simply control the most of the field though–you have to choose your targets carefully to outflank your opponent!


  • Draft from 50 different heroes, gods, myths, and monsters to form your army and conquer!
  • Four different terrain tiles provide alternate play methods, giving you new strategies to explore!
  • A lightweight, easily learnable tile placement game that offers huge replayability and emergent strategy!


We're all very excited to be bringing a new Sellswords to the Duelist Library. I can't wait to share some of the cards and rulebooks for this game and others with you all, starting next week. Look out for it! :D

- Brad


PS: Here's all the boxes together. Check it out! :D

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Greetings everyone!

Another week, another BattleCUBES figure, and here she is: Kehrolyn Ross!


It's been a really eventful week here at Level 99 Games. We received word that all copies of Millennium Blades we allocated for distribution have been bought, just a week after the release. It seems like Millennium Blades is a big success!

We have no immediate plans for a reprint, so if you are still considering this game, I encourage you to reserve it at your local game store or online retailer of choice before the window of opportunity passes!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and look out for another announcement for our Duelist Library coming next Monday!

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Greetings everyone!

Another week, another Indines In-Depth. This week, we focus on one of the less examined characters in the World of Indines. Hepzibah is a character that has always been very interesting to write for, and who has an interesting psychology and history, shaped by being both an outsider to society while simultaneously being very valuable and sought after by the same individuals who have shunned her.

In the news for Level 99 Games, the street date for Millennium Blades was yesterday. The game is now out in the world! If you haven't reserved your copy yet, you can get it in our online store (while supplies last!)

In other news, Duelist Library is coming along smoothly, and we're planning to announce the final game in the collection next week. If you want to make sure you're there as soon as the project launches, make sure to join our mailing list!


“I have borne men back from death to life. But now I wish to see my homeland restored to life, and for that task, I chose you.”

- Hepzibah, to Rexan

"There's a deep darkness in the hearts of men. After all the layers are stripped off, that's all you find... If you care for them long enough, you'll see the face of that darkness too, in those you trust most. Then you'll realize the people you want to protect are full of wickedness, more vile than vermin."

- Hepzibah, to Amon

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Greetings friends!

For this week's Duelist Library reveal, I'll announce the library-exclusive title, Commedia Dell'Arte! For those unfamiliar, Commedia Dell'Arte is a classical form of Italian Improvisational Theatre, using a set of distinct masked stock characters. 

This game is one of five that will be available in the Duelist Library, coming to Kickstarter next month! If you want to be there as soon as the project goes live, make sure to sign up for our mailing list!

Designed by D. Brad Talton Jr., Illustrated by Stephanie Johnson

Comedy and Tragedy, Tragedy and Comedy, the two perform an endless dance upon the stage. But what is the real difference? Only whether the two lovers are together at the end!

In Commedia Dell’Arte, you will use your troupe of actors to play out a story of two lovers, the forces that come between them, and their ultimate fate. Will they be driven apart by the vicious Pantalone? United by the wily Columbina? Or mocked by the cunning Scaramouche? Your direction will decide how the scenes and stories of the theatre unfold.

The game takes just moments to learn, and each act will take only minutes to play. Commedia Dell’Arte is a fast-paced, pocket-sized game that will have you and your friends shouting ‘encore’!

  • Utilize 15 different characters from the classical Italian improvisational theatre to win the stage!
  • Fast, lightweight gameplay that takes only moments to learn and minutes to play.


"Commedia" is my own entry into the Duelist Library, and is a minigame in the style of Love Letter or Dragon Punch. The box is a bit smaller than others in the Library, as it will be complemented by a box that also contains all of the library Promotional Cards and extras. 

I hope you all enjoy this preview look at the Duelist Library so far! We'll be showing off the final game next week, and then it will be onward to card and rulebook previews as we move towards the launch of the project. Get hyped! :D

- Brad

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Greetings everyone! It's another week here at Level 99 Games, and I'm excited to show you the third game in our Duelist Library! This is one I'm especially excited about, because it comes from the world of Millennium Blades!

As you may already know, Millennium Blades will be in stores next week, and you can pre-order it from our online store and get the Kickstarter Promo Cards that come with it, if you're interested in having those too.

Anyway, enjoy Card Fusion Chaos!


Game Design by Alex Brock. Illustration by Fábio Fontes

For centuries, the heroes of the world have used the power of Millennium Blades Trading Cards to protect the world from evil. The most powerful weapons in their arsenal were Fusion Cards–cards that combined the incredible powers hidden away within the game, bringing out their true potential. With the world in chaos once more, a new champion must master Card Fusion in order to defend earth!

Using your collection of Trading Cards and mystical Fusion Gems, combine cards together to create the most unbalanced, overpowered cards you can imagine. Clash with your rival to uncover shards of the Master Fusion Gem. The first player who can acquire enough shards to assemble the Master Gem will be declared the new champion of earth!

  • Combine over 80 already-overpowered trading cards in order to create the most over-the-top fusion cards imaginable! 
  • Test wits against your opponent by carefully selecting your fusion gems and tactically clashing with your collection of fused cards.
  • A fast-paced race to discover and create never-before-seen card plays! Over 350,000 unique fusion combinations are possible!
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