How do I delete/rename maps?

You can delete and rename maps using iTunes File Sharing. Select a map and push the delete or backspace key on your keyboard to eliminate a map. To rename, drag a map onto your hard drive, then rename it, then drop it back into iTunes File Sharing.

Where are my exported map images?

Exported maps appear as PNG files in iTunes file sharing. You can drag and drop these files out of iTunes file sharing and onto your computer to use them in any way you wish.

How do I create map overlays like rooftops or mist?

Place elements like rooftops and mist into layer 5 of your map. When in play mode, you can hide layer 5 by touching the layer 4 button in the left hand side of the interface.

I want X map/token set. When will these become available?

If you have a specific request for map pieces or tokens, post it in the Cartographer Forums. When deciding what pieces to make, we check what users are requesting the most and attempt to get those map elements for the upcoming updates.