Sep 102012

Minigame Library

Is September already a third over? It feels like time has been slipping away as we work on the Minigame Library tirelessly. The complete library is in the hands of the printers, and should be ready in time for BGGCon (at least, advance copies will be there, if nothing else).

Here’s a little preview of what the complete set may look like (this is an artist’s rendering from the proofs):

App Updates

With the Minigame Library all ready for press, we’re back to our regularly scheduled program of working on apps. Expect updates to DM Toolkit, BattleCON on iOS, and Cartographer this month, if all goes according to plan. We’re also working on setting a launch date for Chunky Fighters and the MAID RPG app. More info on these will be posted as they develop!

BattleCON: Devastation of Indines

Devastation of Indines is progressing steadily along. We finally have art for the complete roster, and will be revealing it piece by piece on facebook and here on Level 99 Games. We’re planning to launch a Kickstarter project for it in December, so look forward to more information then, and start planning ahead if you want to grab a create-your-own-character reward this time around!

New RPGS in the works!

I can announce that we’re working undercover on two new role-playing games for you storytelling enthusiasts out there. We are hoping to release new details on these next month, so check back around the same time then for a more more fleshed out announcement with some graphics and logos! I can tell you in advance that one of these games will be related to Mystic Empyrean (a stand-alone that you can tie-in to an existing campaign or play by itself), while the other will be something completely new!

Aug 032012

Here’s a look at what we’re going to be doing this August :)

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Playtesting Devastation of Indines

Did you know it’s really easy to become a playtester for Level 99 Games? Just email me at and say “I want to become a playtester” in the subject line! We’ve got the character roster set for Devastation, and we need playtesters to help us get the most fun and balanced game we can ready for launch.

Updates to BattleCON on iOS

We’re just about ready to spring the new BattleCON on iOS to the world. This version features 3 new characters: Heketch and Kehrolyn from War of Indines, and Marmelee from Devastation of Indines. We’ve scrapped and rebuilt the combat and graphics to be smoother than ever on all devices, and including new features like a full Arcade mode and game replays. Expect it near the end of the month!

Minigames Library goes to Press

The Minigames Library is going to Press this month, and 6 new games are slated to be available for you this December! We’ll continue posting updates to kickstarter as the games progress. If you missed the opportunity to get the library, it can still be acquired with all exclusives at the Level 99 Store.

Other Projects

We’re also working on a number of other projects in the meantime, but more on those as they come to the forefront. I look forward to showing off more information on all of these projects soon, as more graphics and preview videos become available!