2021.3.5 - BattleCON Unleashed Update

2021.3.5 - BattleCON Unleashed Update

2021.3.5 - BattleCON Unleashed Update

Greetings everyone. I have some updates today on errata issues, missing pledge items, and the Grand Chronicle.


We are currently discussing the option of producing printed copies of the major errata and distributing these to backers of Unleashed around the world.

We hope to have a decision on this in the next few weeks. I'm optimistic that we can make the costs work out and avoid the need for fans to order from DriveThruCards. 

If we are able to do this, we will distribute these errata along with the Grand Chronicle later this year.

We are still in the process of color matching the printable DriveThruCards, just in case we do need to fall back on this option.

BattleCON Soundtrack

The BattleCON Soundtrack is now available to listen or download just about anywhere music is sold!

You can enjoy 27 tracks of exciting music first featured in BattleCON Online.

Fans who purchase the album on Bandcamp will have access to 3 never-before-released bonus tracks!

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4sMUzbRchdlB5fqvI2X8pP?si=TrbjNakySEyYAM352PCuAA

Bandcamp: https://level99games.bandcamp.com/album/battlecon-original-soundtrack-megamix-1-2-bonus

Missing Items

We are working on getting missing items for Unleashed (other than Grand Chronicle) out sooner than expected. We are bundling together these items in the USA to send to fulfillment centers around the world now, and should have news soon on this front.

Grand Chronicle

Graphic Design is ongoing for the Grand Chronicle. Davy is doing a brilliant job with the project, and I wanted to share some of the spreads from the book.

 All images represent a Work In Progress


If you missed out on the Grand Chronicle, you will still have an option to pre-order it with reduced-cost international shipping.

We'll announce this as soon as it's available.

I'll continue posting updates here as things develop, particularly in regards to missing pledge add-ons and errata. I hope to have a full resolution to both of these issues very soon.

In the meantime, I hope that you are enjoying BattleCON 4th Edition! We recently posted a very cool customs kit. I look forward to seeing how you will expand the game now that it's in your hands!