February Update

February Update

February Update

Hello, friends!

Another month has passed here in The Fog, and we’re back to share updates!

It took us a little longer than usual to get this month’s updates together, as news is coming in on a day-by-day basis and we had to collect a few more notes to understand what was happening with transit and fulfillment. Thanks so much for your patience!

Current Status

Last time, we talked about a necessary delay so that we could ensure your Collector’s Edition games were packed properly to reach you in perfect condition. The repacking process took our factory partners a little bit longer than anticipated, as some new miniatures needed to be created to replace damaged ones.

We’re happy to report that as of today, all boxes necessary to complete fulfillment are repacked and ready to go. We’re scheduling pick up from the factory next week, and we’ve already asked our fulfillment partners to begin shipping everything they can.

We expect to get things back on track for delivery next week, and to give you a full update on the timelines for delivery in our end-of-March update.

While some backers will see shipping notices as early as March, the majority of Collector’s Editions are likely to ship in April, with some arriving as late as May, depending on your distance from our fulfillment centers. We’ll have more exact timelines for each zone in our next update.

Retail Release

World-wide, the Standard Edition will be made available in stores in early April. Our goal is to make sure that backers who pledged for the Standard Edition get it ahead of the retail launch. For clarity's sake, I'll emphasize that the Collector's Edition is not going to retail and will never be in stores.

To get the ball rolling, we are going to start right away with the fulfillment of the Retail Editions of the game, so some of you should see shipping notices quite soon. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see a shipping notice right away though—especially if you’ve backed for the Collector’s Edition—those are expected to take a little bit longer to ship.

Thanks for Your Patience

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we enter the final stages of the project. And of course, you can expect regular updates from us here while you wait.

To show our appreciation for your patience, and as an apology for these unexpected delays, I would like to offer you a $20 discount to anything in our online store. It's not a million Bloodpoints, but I hope it makes these final weeks of waiting a little bit easier.

Just log in to our online store (www.level99games.com) with the same email address you used in the pledge manager. You can use the code “THE_FOG_DRAWS_NEAR” at checkout to get a discount on anything in our store.  

Put the code in here at checkout

Please note that this code will only work if you're logged in with the email address you used in our Pledge Manager. Check out Gamefound (https://gamefound.com/projects/level-99-games/dead-by-daylight/yourpledge) if you forgot which email that is!

See you in the next update, and Happy Gaming!