September Updates - All Things On Track

September Updates - All Things On Track

September Updates - All Things On Track

Greetings friends,
We’re happy to say that things are proceeding along just fine; all according to the plan laid out during our last update. Things are a bit quiet but that’s a good thing! This means that there are no hiccups and road bumps and the factory is working on production as planned!

As per the last update, the retail edition is still in production and should be finished some time this month. After that is done, we’ll be able to receive a factory first and review it, then that will be the retail edition done.

As for the collector’s edition, the factory is still in the process of finishing the molds for the miniatures. According to estimates, they should be done within the next 2 weeks. Once that’s finished, they can get onto production. We still expect a factory first to come in this December.

What are we doing during this time? Aside from reviewing new proofs and answering factory and localizer questions as they come in, we are also arranging to have more live play videos created, and we are working on a detailed tutorial video that will be available soon. We hope to share some of these developments with you in upcoming updates.


Above you'll see a slide that shows the rough draft for a shot in the tutorial video! It's definitely not final but we're showing you a glimpse into the process!

Thank you so much for your patience and continued support of Dead by Daylight™: The Board Game! We’ll continue to update you monthly as developments happen, so continue to watch this space.

We’ll see you in the fog next month with more updates! Happy gaming!