Empyreal July Updates — Pledge Manager Closes Soon!

Empyreal July Updates — Pledge Manager Closes Soon!

Empyreal July Updates — Pledge Manager Closes Soon!

Greetings friends,

Another month has passed, and Empyreal is progressing towards completion. Without further ado, here's the news:

Pledge Manager Closing

Next week, the Pledge Manager for Empyreal: Far Corners will be closing. Please make sure to finalize your pledge!

As long as you have input your address and paid shipping, you will still be able to update your address until shipping begins.

Digital Proof

During July, the digital print proof came in and was reviewed by the team. We approved the production, and added a bit to the budget to cover heavier box construction recommended by our factory partners. 

The factory recommended two changes from the first printing to reduce production errors and prolong the life of your game. These small changes—removing foil from punchboards and increasing the thickness of the boxes—were approved after testing in the office.

Far Corners looks great! Here's a preview of all the games coming your way next year!

Far Corners — Digital Print Sample

There will be some minor differences from this sample. The player reference sheets have been shrunk a bit for easier use. The postcards will not have rounded corners.

The base game and its components — digital print sample.
The Expansion Box and components — digital print sample
Deluxe Edition Player Folios — Digital Print Sample
Deluxe Postcards and artbook

A Digital Print Sample is hand-made to simulate the final factory product and give the best possible proof before production begins. Miniatures aren't included here because they are identical to the first printing.

What's Happening Now?

While production is in motion, we turn our attention to shipping arrangements.

Right now, worldwide shipping is a bit of a mess. Rates are all over the place and it's difficult to book both ocean and overland freight due to container shortages. Things usually get even worse between November and February.

There is a high likelihood of shipping delays even after Empyreal is produced. There are potential deals being explored now that might help us break through the gridlock. At the moment, May 2022 delivery looks more likely than March. 

Please continue to watch this space monthly for updates. As usual, you'll be able to learn about all the developments surrounding the project from our monthly bulletins.


Thank you for being a part of Empyreal and for participating in this project! I'll see you next month for more news!

- Brad