September Updates - Fulfillment Ongoing!

September Updates - Fulfillment Ongoing!

September Updates - Fulfillment Ongoing!

Greetings friends,

Fulfillment is progressing as planned with Empyreal this month. Here’s a quick status update:

USA/Canada - We’ve just gotten word that games have been imported and arrived at Asmodee North America’s Warehouse. From here, our stock for fulfillment is broken off and shipped to New Jersey and to eastern Canada for individual fulfillment. We expect to have fulfillment complete in both regions near the end of October.

Asia - Fulfillment is underway for most products. A few add-ons will be arriving separately later on. If you still haven’t gotten a shipping notice, please continue to be patient—some routes through Asia take an addition 2-4 weeks for fulfillment, especially as you move further out from China.

EU, UK, Australia - Fulfillment is complete for the bulk of pledges. Posters will be shipping out a little bit later.

We endeavor to get everything right. However, a small percentage of errors are inevitable. If you receive games with damaged or missing components, please contact us at and we'll do whatever we can to make it right.

If you are in the EU, UK, or Australia and you haven’t received your games or a shipping notice, now is a good time to reach out to us. Keep in mind that if you ordered the Empyreal Posters, those will ship separately.

Because courier delivery times can vary wildly, even within a region, we ask that Asian backers wait an additional 4 weeks before you contact us to report unreceived packages. If you don’t have a shipping notice by the next update, that will be time to reach out and look into things further.

Thanks for your patience and support on this project! Happy gaming!