Welcome to Empyreal: Far Corners + Art Showcase

Welcome to Empyreal: Far Corners + Art Showcase

Welcome to Empyreal: Far Corners + Art Showcase

Greetings friends and welcome to the project!

Things have already come a long way in a short time. For this project, we hope that things will be easy and relaxed—there are no stretch goals to chase, and no complicated delivery patterns.

Even so, we are putting things in motion to work with a fulfillment specialist. In past projects, we've had real difficulty coordinating add-ons and extras around the world. This time we plan to involve a company that will help us address these issues.

There is one point of special note on this project. We originally announced The Grand Chronicle as part of BattleCON: Unleashed. The chronicle transformed into a much larger project of its own over its 2-year development cycle. Now it is going to be printed and delivered along with this project, so we'll be sharing previews of the Chronicle alongside Far Corners. 

Recent rendering of the Grand Chronicle

What are Metros?

Metros represent major trade hubs in the world. In a game of Empyreal, you can use these Metros to add one large 'super-city' to your game. Connecting your network to this city provides powerful benefits.

Far Corners also includes the full rules for playing with these Metros.

In addition to the tiles that represent Metros in-game, we've created travel postcards and lore to accompany these destinations.

Art Showcase - Travel Postcards

Today I'm excited to show off the 4 new travel postcards that are appearing in Far Corners!

These postcards represent the new metro locations which are included in the game. Each postcard was illustrated by Fábio Fontes, and converted into a poster by Davy Wagnerok. Enjoy!

Far to the north, in a frozen land, the White Palace is the legendary home of the elemental clans.
Once the citadel of the feared Dragon Queen, Jeltz has been rebuilt as a haven of peace and diplomacy.
In the painted hills of the west, a mysterious new energy source has been discovered, and prospectors travel to seek their fortunes.
Rediscovered at last, the subcontinent of Amalao reopens its doors to their continental neighbors.

That's all for this week! Look out for more updates soon. :)