Under Night In-Birth Exceed - September Updates

Under Night In-Birth Exceed - September Updates

Under Night In-Birth Exceed - September Updates

Greetings friends,

Here’s where we are on Under-Night In-Birth Exceed this month! Production of the games are done and some have even landed! Here’s the breakdown:

EU, UK - Fulfillment centers have received the games! This means that they’re now in the process of preparing for fulfillment, which should begin shortly!

Asia - The games have finished production and will be picked up from the factory soon! Once they’ve been picked up, the fulfillment center can begin preparation.

AUS, NA - Unfortunately, we haven’t received word from the fulfillment centers regarding the games arriving. We’ll be working on getting an update from them as soon as possible. Rest assured that we’ll keep you updated.

We are so excited to finally get this season of Exceed into your hands! We hope you enjoy the characters. If you still haven’t gotten them, it’s not too late! You can still get them here: https://www.level99store.com/collections/exceed-fighting-system

In the last update, we also talked about how we tried to make sure that the character scale of the standees was just right. We also told you to watch out for Waldstein. Well, the wait is over. Here he is:

Now that’s what we call a BIG BOY.

Thank you so much for your patience and continued support of this project! We’ll update you again next month! Happy gaming!