Guidelines for Strategy Game Design

A functional and lightweight game design manual by Level 99's D. Brad Talton Jr,
on how to create tense, dynamic, decision-driven games.

§ 1.6 - Play can be explained concisely.

§ 1.6 - Play can be explained concisely.

§ 1.6 - Play can be explained concisely.

Regardless of your audience or your game’s topic, you should be able to explain your game in just a few words.

When explaining your game, start by describing the objective. Then proceed to the actions that you will take to achieve that objective, then to the skills that the game will test.

It’s best when describing gameplay to speak thematically, rather than mechanically.

Even deep and complex games have a high-level idea. If you find your description pulled in too many directions, it may be time to step back and re-evaluate the scope of the gameplay, and focus on just a few key points.


  • I am currently playing a role of game designer in an indie videogame development;
    And wow. I am surprised how much I instinctively knew and was using, but it being explained to me is so, so huge!

    Great and simple explanation writing!
    Looking forward to upcoming pages!

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