Collusion Complete Shipping and Errata Update

Collusion Complete Shipping and Errata Update

Collusion Complete Shipping and Errata Update

Greetings friends. Here is a complete update on the state of Millennium Blades Collusion Shipping and what has happened in the past week.


I plan to continue posting project updates at least once per week until every copy of Collusion is fulfilled, so please continue to check this space for evolving details.


Due to the large number of add-ons and the fact that some add-ons are coming from different factories, the situation is fairly complex. Here's a look at where we are now:


World of Millennium Blades Artbooks

When we shipped add-ons for Millennium Blades overseas, we were in the midst of reprinting the artbooks. For this reason, many backers outside of North America were not able to get their artbooks together with their games.


We have the artbooks now, and we will be shipping them to backers later this year.


In order to ensure that this is all done correctly, we are opening up a new pledge manager to coordinate everyone's addresses. I'll post more details on this once it goes live.


You won't need to do anything or pay additional shipping. However, if you want to change your shipping address or need to add any other missing items, we can manage this through the app and get everything shipped from the USA to various destinations without more issues.


We are also hoping to use this pledge manager to effectively distribute errata (see below).


We are currently working with our factory and shipping providers to determine the extent to which we can hold them liable for the damage to the red box's internal storage trays. Both sides are blaming the other, and we are investigating how we can get this resolved. Depending on the materials that the factory provides me, we should have a pretty strong case to make a claim against one side or the other.


If you would like to take pictures of your damages when you open the box, these may be helpful to support our claim. Please don't send them just yet–we will post an update when we understand how to proceed and what we need.


We are currently working with our factory to determine how we can print and distribute missing and misprinted cards to fans around the world. This is a fairly big logistical project, and we will likely undertake it together with our shipment of the Millennium Blades artbooks (see above).

Play Mats

That factory that produced Millennium Blades Collusion couldn't provide an economical cost for the play mats required for the All-In pledges, so these were produced at a separate facility. The boats with the play mats shipped a bit behind the main shipment, but are now arriving around the world (alongside our other project, Bullet♥︎). Pledges which included play mats (mostly the All-In Tiers) will ship as soon as these play mats are in stock.


North America

Most North American pledges have been shipped in full. The only exceptions are the two groups below.


North America + Card Sleeves

Due to an error in the way our Pledge Manager was structured (my own fault, not theirs), we oversold about 240 cases of card sleeves. These additional components have been ordered from our factory, but may take a little while to arrive. The card sleeves will ship out as soon as they are in stock.


In the mean time, these pledges will have already shipped out sans card sleeves as of the end of today.


There will be a slight delay in tracking numbers, since I have to get a spreadsheet from our fulfillment center at the end of the day, upload it to Pledge Manager, then have their staff send out the tracking emails. If the Pledge Manager team is out of the office for the day, that may mean we don't get tracking numbers in emails until next week, even though things have already gone out.


North America + Play Mats

The boat containing the play mats was supposed to arrive on February 22nd, but has now been delayed to March 3rd. This means that we will likely be unloading that week and delivering play mats the week after. We believe that these pledges should ship out by the end of the week of March 15, at the very latest.



We have just gotten and paid our estimate for fulfillment from Spiral Galaxy Games, so things should go out next week once SGG receives that money.


Much like other zones, pledges which contain play mats will only ship once that ship arrives in the UK, which should be on February 27th. There is still a high possibility of delays on that ship, however.


We are awaiting confirmation from Spiral Galaxy Games to see if there are any new developments.


EU Add-ons

We mentioned earlier that EU Add-ons would ship from the UK. We are working through some customs details in order to ship these out. I expect we can iron out those details early next week and have things going out soon.


EU Pledges with Play Mat

We are still waiting on the play mat to arrive so that we can ship the final few pledges in the EU. That ship is set to arrive on March 2nd. 


AUS Add-ons

In Australia, we are waiting on the Play Mats to arrive. After this, all add-ons will ship out. Collusion itself has already shipped out.

We are awaiting confirmation from Unicorn Games to see if there are any new developments.



Everything is shipped out, except for the Artbooks which are being addressed separately as explained above.