Ocean Freight for Millennium Blades Collusion

Ocean Freight for Millennium Blades Collusion

Ocean Freight for Millennium Blades Collusion

Happy New Year! Here's to a great 2021!

We've got confirmation about our Ocean Freight, huzzah! :D


First off, these are Estimated Port Dates! What does that mean?

Estimated — Still subject to change, depending on some factors. The oceans don't change much, so it's likely that we'll arrive on these dates. However...

Port — This just means 'getting to port'. Unloading our cargo, clearing customs, and then overland freight to our fulfillment centers takes another 2-3 weeks on average. More if ports are particularly congested, which they usually are in a post-Christmas season.


And once we get to fulfillment centers, it usually takes another few days for things to get unloaded, then to start shipping. So even with these dates, in most places we're looking at the end of February 2021 for delivery to your door.

So, we've got some time, but...

This is the last chance to update your address!

So please do that ASAP by filing a Support Ticket. 


Without further ado, the shipping estimates:

Australia ETA — 1.3.2021

USA/CAN ETA — 1.10.2021

Europe ETA — 1.12.2021

UK ETA — 1.23.2021


Other News

We've recently updated the look and feel of our web site & store.

Sakura Arms Pledge Manager is now live!

We're preparing to announce our Kickstarter lineup for 2021 in the next week. Fans who are on our mailing list and in our discord community will be the first to know what's coming next!