Ocean Freight Update

Ocean Freight Update

Ocean Freight Update

Greetings everyone!

Here's the news on Ocean Freight for your copies of Millennium Blades Collusion...


Games have arrived at port, but are stuck there currently due to a shortage of overland freight.

I got this message from the freight company explaining the situation:

Thankfully, we've already unloaded from the ship, and that puts us ahead of most congestion.

Our freight company believes that we'll be unloading at the fulfillment center next week, but there are no guarantees.

I'll keep you updated as things begin to flow into our fulfillment center, Flat River Group.

United Kingdom

Our UK ship is still on the water according to our latest plans. We should have news of a landing (or a delay) this weekend on the 23rd.


Our EU shipment has arrived at port and is currently scheduled for inspection. We should have it at Fulfillment Europe by next week, ready to begin shipping in the first week of February.


VFI Asia has our games and fulfillment lists, and should begin shipping very soon.

We'll have some notes on this shortly, but for now, look out for tracking information from VFI!

Australia/New Zealand

Australian fulfillment is scheduled to begin this week. Please look out for an update email from Unicorn Games in Australia/New Zealand!