Announcing a Free-To-Play Tabletop Game?!

Announcing a Free-To-Play Tabletop Game?!

Announcing a Free-To-Play Tabletop Game?!

Today, I have a big announcement for you. For the past year, I’ve been working on a really exciting project: 99 Heroes. Now, we’re ready to share it with you!

What’s This Game Then?

A 99 Heroes set consists of 6 large Hero cards. Each player picks 3 cards and shuffles a deck of standard playing cards, then the battle begins!

Heroes match up against one another in lanes. Players play cards back and forth, activating the abilities of their heroes and attempting to out-maneuver the other side.

When the field is full, the player who has the highest total in each lane wins that battle! Win two of the three lanes to win the game. 

Let’s Talk About Those Hero Cards

These 5”x7” postcards feature gorgeous art and cold foiling on premium, heavyweight, linen-finish paper. These are beautiful, collectible art pieces that you can display proudly in a photo binder when you’re not playing with them.

Each Hero has a Unique Ability and several Skills (usually 3) which are triggered by different card plays. Much like our previously released Pixel Tactics, your ability to leverage powerful Unique Abilities and the choice of when to use certain Skills will be crucial to victory.

The abilities and skills in 99 Heroes hold nothing back. It’s not uncommon to draw half your deck, close out the game in multi-turn combos, or reverse the tables on the final turn with a stunning, unexpected maneuver.

There’s a wealth of discovered play within these cards. Every combination of passive Unique Abilities and activated skills unlocks new potential. Every card is flexible and can fill multiple archetypes in your strategy.

Who are the Heroes?

The Heroes of 99 Heroes are drawn from across all of Level 99 Games’ original properties. World of Indines, Millenniumverse, Cycle 617, and more will make appearances in the cast.

Each card features a beautiful, original art from our archives, or a brand new piece crafted by independent artists!

Note that because character names are foiled, they appear a bit harder to read in this photograph, but are very clear in the actual copy.

You Said It Was Free to Play?

While supplies last (and once the promotion begins, in July), whenever you make a purchase of $50 or more in the Level 99 Games online store, you’ll get a copy of the most recent 99 Heroes Quarterly in your order!

There’s a new 99 Heroes Quarterly every quarter… as you might have already guessed! So come back every 3 months and buy our latest game, and you’ll be able to see your collection grow!

All heroes will eventually be released in our Quarterly Packs, so it will be possible to collect every card by just participating in our Kickstarters and new releases.

What If I Want to Go All In?

For serious collectors, we are releasing showcase packs. The first one, Battle Ready, will be available alongside Quarterly 1

Note that because character names are foiled, they appear a bit harder to read in this photograph, but are very clear in the actual copy.

These showcase packs will feature a series, artist, event, or style. They may also contain special features like signed cards, diptych and triptych cards, alternate foiling, and more!

Showcases contain a mix of existing and brand new heroes. Eventually, all heroes will be released in Quarterlies. If you keep up with the Showcases, you’ll get unique arts of these heroes, and you’ll get to play a lot of them early.

These Showcase packs are $9.99, and they’re a great way to get a small game or two over the $50 threshold to get one of the Quarterlies for free.

Showcase packs will release the same time as Quarterlies, with bonus Showcases premiering at conventions and alongside Kickstarter releases. Unlike Quarterlies, Showcases are single-print only. Once they run out, we will not print them again.

So there you have it! 99 Heroes will become available around the same time that Bullet Universe starts shipping. When the time comes, buy anything over $50 in the Level 99 Store, and the most recent Quarterly will automatically be added to your order (while supplies last). We hope you have a great time with 99 Heroes!