Our next Kickstarter is Millennium Blades Again!

Our next Kickstarter is Millennium Blades Again!

Our next Kickstarter is Millennium Blades Again!

Greetings friends! We've got some exciting Millennium Blades gameplay coming for you this season! In just about a month, we launch Millennium Blades Again on Kickstarter! And before you ask, yes, the project name is Millennium Blades Again. "Again" is part of the name.

The project introduces a bunch of new stuff for Millennium Blades. Check it out! This is the best opportunity to fill out your collection—or just to scoop up a bunch of exciting MB swag.

Multiverses Beyonder is an all new mini-expansion containing a new playable character and new cards. L'oree is a lore-obsessed delver into the dark secrets of Millennium Blades, who leverages the flavor text of cards to unlock their full potential!

The Draw Power expansion will reprint all the cards from Millennium Blades Collusion, including 6 characters that have been basically impossible to find for the past few years. It also contains all the materials for team play, NPCs, and new venues. If you missed Collusion, this is your chance to draw all those glorious cards into your collection!

Decked Out collects content from all of the mini-expansions (except crossover expansions) into one big box. If you've been afraid of all the little expansions that we've released for the game over the past years, there's no need to worry—we've done the heavy lifting of collecting them for you. With 7 characters, 3 more cooperative bosses, and nearly 500 cards, you'll be truly Decked Out!

Finally, the Deluxe Upgrade features all the deluxe material component upgrades for your game! From deluxe playmats to player boards for a 6th player, this pack has everything you need to bring your Millennium Blades experience to the next level!

 There's even more exciting Millennium Blades to show off in this project. Look out for more news next week!

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