Sakura Arms, Iconoclash, and more in our August Recap!

Sakura Arms, Iconoclash, and more in our August Recap!

Sakura Arms, Iconoclash, and more in our August Recap!

Greetings friends,

A lot has happened in August. Preparation continues for upcoming projects, but we're taking conscious steps to slow down and focus on our long-term agenda as well.

August has definitely been a month of planning and preparation. The last third of the year looks really exciting though—the best is yet to come!

Since shipping is a bit of a mess right now, we're taking the next few months to slow down on releases and get ahead on projects. Work continues on Season 6 of Exceed, on our top-secret project Crow, on Bullet★, and on a new RPG.

In 2022, we want pre-orders for a game to come in around the time the game is being loaded onto a boat, rather than when it's in the final stages of graphic design. This will mean shorter turnarounds and less room for big delays like we've seen in the past.

But enough talk, here's project news!

Team members play the advance proof copies of Sakura Arms at Level 99 Games HQ. (Some game components will differ in the final version.)

Sakura Arms

Right now, the newest, coolest thing happening at Level 99 Games is Sakura Arms! Early this month, we received digitally-printed prototypes for Sakura Arms, and they look absolutely stunning.

The new edition is gorgeous and includes a ton of exciting quality-of-life content that will make it easier than ever to dive into this incredible game. If you can't tell, I'm really proud of the production of the new Sakura Arms. The team has done an incredible job bringing it to life, and we've really enjoyed playing the digital proof copy here in our office.

Our Pledge Manager for Sakura Arms has closed, but you can still pre-order the game in our online store!


Our friends over at Strange Machine Games have teamed up with us to bring some iconic Level 99 characters into their newest game—Iconoclash!

Check out the trailer and see what it's all about!

Iconoclash will be on Kickstarter March 2022, so check it out and be sure to join the SMG mailing list to keep up to date on its availability.

Bullet Orange

In less exciting news, Bullet Orange is still stuck at port in LA. Despite another month, things haven't budged. We continue to await some good news from our freight coordinator.

Outside of the USA and Canada, Bullet Orange has gone out from our fulfillment partners around the world, and should reach fans during September, if not earlier.

Empyreal: Far Corners

Last month we approved the project's Digital Press Prototype and confirmed a purchase order for Empyreal: Far Corners. Now production is fully underway. It will be another 1–2 months before we see a final production copy, but we're excited to share the new print run and Far Corners with you as soon as they are ready.

Missed the project? You can reserve a copy of Empyreal right now in our online store!

In the office, we've recently been evaluating our virtual presence—web, store, online games, online events, and this newsletter. We are excited to share some new events and offerings in the near future!

Please watch this space and our website for upcoming events, new downloadable content, and of course more great games! If you have an idea for an awesome event or download we can create and share, please send it our way!

Happy gaming!

Brad Talton Jr.
Level 99 Games, President

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Project Status

Watch this space for the status of our current and future projects!