Arm Yourself - Raira and Production Update

Arm Yourself - Raira and Production Update

Arm Yourself - Raira and Production Update

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Production Update

This month's news for Sakura Arms is pretty light. 

Pre-press is just about finished up, and the final step before we move on to production is to receive a physical copy of the games. This copy, called the "digitally-printed sample" is a complete mock-up of the final game, which will give us a very good idea of the final product.  

The digitally printed sample is not an exact final game (we'll get that later, and it's called a "factory first sample"), but it gives us an idea of how the components will fit into the box, and if there are any sizing issues or components that don't work quite how they should. 

During the preparation of the digital sample, the production team discovered a sizing issue which would make it difficult to get things in and out of the box. We are currently working on a solution to that. 

Given everything that's gone on, and the longer-than-usual pre-press cycle for Sakura Arms, the August delivery we predicted seems unlikely. In order to set the best expectations, we are assessing the situation. Once we have the digitally printed sample in hand and production is 100% confirmed and ready to start, we'll announce an updated timetable for the delivery of Sakura Arms. 

We look forward to sharing more news with you soon, and we hope you have a great month!