MB Collusion Delivery Update 4.16.2021

MB Collusion Delivery Update 4.16.2021

MB Collusion Delivery Update 4.16.2021

Greetings friends,


We've made some new progress on Millennium Blades Collusion this week. Here's an overview of where we are:


USA+Canada Remaining Pledges

There was another small logistical hitch. We corrected that as soon as we learned of it, but it still slowed us down a bit getting the final 200 pledges out this week as planned. 


We'll send you tracking as soon as we have it on hand.


If you encounter a damaged tray in your copy, the form here will remain open to you: https://forms.gle/G1zA9UhptxeSJjvR9


Finland Missing Pledges

Missing items in Finland have been arranged to go out. If you are one of those awaiting in Finland, Collusion should arrive from Fulfillment Europe very soon, and remaining items will ship from Spiral Galaxy Games separately. You should have already received an email about this situation from us.



Shortfall items such as artbooks and add-ons will ship next week to fulfillment centers. It may be several more weeks before these items reach those destinations and then get routed to you, but they will be on the way shortly.


Cleanup, Errata, and Trays

Now that we're mostly finished up with delivery, our remaining tasks for Collusion are resolving missing items, damages, and specific issues. We are also closing in on solutions for printing errata and damaged trays. I hope to have more announcements on those fronts in the coming weeks.




Thanks for your patience and support as we enter the final stretch of this long project. There have been a lot of ups and downs, and I look forward to sharing the lessons learned once we wrap everything up.


Have a great weekend,

- Brad