Millennium Blades Fulfillment and General News 4.9.2021

Millennium Blades Fulfillment and General News 4.9.2021

Millennium Blades Fulfillment and General News 4.9.2021

Greetings friends,

This week, we made some significant progress on getting the last leg of the project cleaned up.

We're working through tickets and replacement parts as well, so if you're waiting on those, I hope to have a response for you in the next 1-2 weeks.

We're also turning our eyes to the future and considering what's next for the world of Millennium Blades.

To the majority of our backers, I hope that you're having a great time with Millennium Blades Collusion!

General News

First, I have some general news to share about goings-on at Level 99 Games:

Empyreal: Far Corners is now live on Kickstarter. This project is for a reprint of Empyreal: Spells & Steam, along with some new content. I hope that you'll join us for the new project!

Bullet 🍊 (Bullet: Orange) is now available in our online store. If you're outside of the USA, our Launch 99 Program offers an opportunity to get this game at a cheaper shipping rate than buying from the USA. We're offering this until April 20th.

We are now shipping out BlazBlue Exceed from our online store. If you order the new season of Exceed today, you can be playing as early as next week!

Delivery of Collusion 

This week was spent getting the project's cleanup in order. During this phase, we're addressing missing items, shortfalls, and damaged games.

We still have a few tracking numbers to send out, and those should reach you by the middle of next week.

We should be reaching out early next week to send tracking to backers who have their games en route this week. We will also notify you if you're missing any pledge items which are accounted for and shipping later.

By next Friday, if all goes well, we plan to send out a call for missing games and add-ons. For now, please wait to hear from us. We are still waiting to hear from our fulfillment partners one more time before we sent out emails to everyone.

Next week, we are sending out missing add-ons and the Millennium Blades artbook to fulfillment centers around the world. We'll keep you posted on the progress of that effort through these updates.

We are also in the process of going through our ticket system and responding to all the inquiries that came in during the project. We should have answers for everyone that's still outstanding within the next 1-2 weeks.

Storage Tray Replacements

Please fill out this form to request tray replacements. This form is only for tray replacements.

After cleanup, we'll begin working with our factory to put some kind of plan in motion.

Once again, please DO NOT send us a ticket at this time in regards to this issue, only use this form. The form will continue to be available for the next several weeks. Even if you get your game later, we can still get you in, don't worry.