Dead by Daylight™: The Board Game

Dead by Daylight™: The Board Game brings the authentic Dead by Daylight experience to life on your table. For the first time, you can play the internationally acclaimed game of hide-and-seek between Killers and Survivors in person!

In the game, a team of brave Survivors must work together to find and repair generators in order to open the exit gates and escape. Across the table, a cunning Killer stalks after them, attempting to wound and capture them for sacrifice on the many gruesome hooks hidden throughout the trial grounds. Will the Survivors escape before the sacrifice is complete?

Game Features:

  • 13 detailed miniatures featuring the original Killer and Survivor cast of Dead by Daylight (miniatures come unpainted).
  • A true asymmetric game, where one Killer takes on a team of 2–4 Survivors in a tense showdown of wits and strategy.
  • Two large maps to explore and survive, featuring iconic locations from the video game.
  • Use Items, Perks, Props, and Powers to survive the night or hunt your prey.
  • Each Killer and each Survivor boasts unique Perks, making every game different.
  • Experienced players can customize their characters with unique builds, for an ever-evolving play experience.

In addition to these components, the Collector's Edition includes:

  • 10 additional Killers and 10 additional Survivors, for a total roster of 33 playable characters!
  • Two more huge new maps (for a total of 4).
  • Additional Perks for even more customization.
  • 5 Hook Miniatures to hang sacrificed Survivors.
  • 8 Generator Miniatures to display your progress towards escape.
  • Translucent plastic bloodpoint tokens.